Staff Resources

EPC has a multi-disciplinary team of above 70 professionals at present; those are uniquely experienced in providing array of consulting services to our clients. Most of the senior professionals have overseas experience and/or degrees. It is essential to EPC’s success that our employees are highly trained and educated. The multidisciplinary staff members of EPC are organized in different sections and professionals are encouraged to maintain close contacts with their universities or research institutes in order to keep pace with latest developments in their respective discipline.  In addition, EPC maintains a retinue of highly qualified consultants from scientific and professional institutions. EPC strives to offer employees the proper equipment/computers that allow them to work in the most efficient manner. Employees are supplied work stations and supplies to keep distractions at a minimum. An in-house IT and Network Administrator monitors and updates computers, servers, effectively as needed.


EPC has experience in assembling highly qualified and high quality teams which enable us to respond to any aspect of the wide category of service that we provide. EPC is structured to leverage our collective project knowledge, allow us to satisfy each client’s unique needs, and deliver results that ensure success. EPC’s staff experience in the following categories is shown in Table below:

Professional and Technical Staff
Management, Programme, Planning, Development & Monitoring  
Architects, Town Planners and Structural Engineers  
Water Resources Development Engineers  
Community Development, Gender Development, Sociologist & Resettlement Specialist  
Agriculturists/Agronomists/Soil Scientists/Environmentalist  
Roads, Highways, Bridges,  Pavement, Quality Control & Material Engineers, Rural and Urban Infrastructure Development Engineers  
Mechanical/Electrical Engineers, Water Supply & Sanitation, Solid Waste Management  
Accounts & Finance, Administration  
GIS, Information Technology, System Analyst/CAD & Computer Services  
Quantity Surveyor/Diploma Engineers/Diploma Architects/Lab. Technicians