Project Management Consultancy of Bangabandhu (Jamuna) Multipurpose Bridge Project.

Design and Supervision of Sylhet Feeder Road Project, Phase-IV

BWDB Small Schemes Project (SSFCDI, IDA Financed)


Engineering and Planning Consultants Ltd. (EPC) is a reputed Multidisciplinary Consultancy firm, established in early 1979 with the aim at offering consultancy services for research studies, survey and development planning, feasibility studies, detailed design, implementation, monitoring, benefit monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of projects in the country and abroad. Accordingly, since inception, EPC has been providing services with the latest innovative method, technique and practices in the various sectors of national economy covering water resources, flood control, agriculture, irrigation, drainage, forestry, fisheries, urban and rural development, physical planning, architecture and infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, roads and highways, environment, etc. The overall aim is to assist every client  in  finding  good  quality,  sustainable  and durable solutions within an acceptable time scale and budget, whilst taking into account the interests of the environment and the society where we live.

    Our Vision:  Innovative, High quality, Forward thinking and Well-designed Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services for all.

    Our Mission: Through Leadership, Expertise, and Collaboration with our Clients, Partners and Staffs we are dedicated to provide high quality consulting services with honesty, integrity and with commitment that contributes to the national prosperities and quality of life.

    what we believe

    Values: At EPC, our Values always guide the way.

    Our Clients: At EPC, we are committed to place client Satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

    Accountability: At EPC, we take accountability by being responsible for our actions by continuously developing our competencies.

    Honesty: At EPC, we Act with absolute integrity in all that we do.

    Integrity: At EPC, we expect EPC staff to be Honest and forthright with our clients, and each other by behaving ethically with honest communication to build professional relationships based on trust.

    Ownership: At EPC, we are committed to take Personal Ownership of the responsibility of our roles.

    Our Staff: At EPC, we are committed to Select, Train, and Reward employees who place client satisfaction first by contributing to a positive and collaborative work environment and effectiveness.

    Innovation: At EPC, we are committed to use our skills, experience, brainstorming and problem solving abilities to provide creative, yet practical, cost effective solutions.

    Environment: At EPC, we are committed to adhere to environmental regulations and promote sustainable environmental practices to our clients.

    Safety: At EPC, we are committed to provide and maintain a Safe and Healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with the local requirements.

    Delivery: At EPC, we are committed to perform to the highest standards against the commitments we make both internally and, especially, externally to our clients.

    River Bank Protection Project (Sirajganj Site of Jamuna River)

    Extension and Development of Sylhet Railway Station

    Remodeling of Chittagong Railway Station and Preparation of Master Plan for Beautification and Commercial & Residential Use of land near Chittagong Railway Station


    • We listen to our Client’s needs.
    • We strive to understand and meet our Client’s needs.
    • We build strong, long term client relationships.
    • We work with clients in a team environment.
    • We provide high quality project management services.
    • We generate cost-effective engineering solutions.
    • We are innovative and creative


    ConsultaNT for: 

    • water Resources and Power Development
    • Roads, Bridges, Culvert and Rural Infrastructure Development
    • Urban and Municipal Development, Physical Planning
    • Architectural and Civil Engineering
    • Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Socio-Economics, Environment
    • Ground Water Development
    • Water Supply, Sewerage, Solid Waste Management and Sanitation

    Chairman’s Message

    Engineering and Planning Consultants Ltd. (EPC) has been providing consulting services for over 35 years. With over 150 staffs, we evolved to specialize in Municipal Infrastructure, Water Resources, Architectural and Building Services sectors. Our engineering and consulting services range from planning and feasibility studies to detailed design, construction, project management, training, and post construction operational and maintenance assistance.

    EPC continues to provide progressive, professional, practical and forward thinking consulting services and offers straight-forward, cost-effective solutions and is dedicated to our steadfast reputation for offering quality and innovative solutions  to Architecture, Urban Planning & Rural Infrastructures, Water resources and water Supply, Roads and Highways, Flood Control, River Engineering, Agriculture, Fisheries and Economic & Socio-Economic sectors for National and International Clients.

    EPC brings dedication, commitment, and innovation to our clients that exceed their expectations for service, quality, and value. We strive to build and maintain strong long-term relationships with our clients, staffs and communities – based on trust, integrity and respect.

    EPC’s project approach is always to be timely, reliable, client-focused and “On Time, On Scope, and On Budget”. EPC is proud of its esteemed record of meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations for every single project we perform. Our expertise and consistent delivery has resulted in a high percentage of projects being repeat work with longstanding clients. Our key values include:

    • Client first
    • Ethics, integrity, transparency and honesty
    • Professionalism
    • Innovation
    • Performance excellence
    • Teamwork
    • Sustainability
    • Safety
    • Environment

    As we move forward, EPC will continue to focus on finding innovative, progressive ways to build and maintain our public infrastructure in order to support growth and contribute to National prosperity now and for future generations.

    Three decades into the past, we are still looking into the future. And we are ready.


    Kawser Ahmed, P.Eng, PMP

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