Professional achivements

Engineering and Planning Consultants Ltd., since inception, has been providing consultancy services in multidisciplinary sectors of national economy. In addition, EPC has also extended professional services in various development sectors of some South Asian and Russian Countries, notably Nepal, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and Azerbaijan. Over the years, EPC has expanded the field of activities and now covers almost every aspect from preliminary research and study to monitoring and evaluation.

EPC serves as an institution with the reputation of commitment to provide the highest level of professional consultancy services in the field of survey, planning, feasibility study, detailed design, implementation, monitoring and impact evaluation of major and minor schemes leading to income generation and social services through participation of human resources in the sector of national economy covering water resources development, agricultural, fisheries and rural development, potable water supply, sanitation and solid waste management, roads and highways, urban development, municipal services, etc. EPC, thus contribute effectively to a successful planning, design, implementation, commissioning and operation of projects and programmes.  

Since inception EPC has been providing consultancy services for various development projects of different implementing agencies viz. LGED, RHD, BWDB, RAJUK, UDD, KDA, DPHE, DWASA, Bangladesh Railway, etc. Most of which were implemented under international financial agencies including World Bank, ADB, JICA, IDB, CIDA, USAID, UNDP, etc.

Since its inception, EPC has completed number of projects successfully at home and abroad contributing to national economy. Sector wise distribution of projects is as follows: