Engineering & Planning Consultants Limited

(EPC) is a reputed Multidisciplinary Consultancy firm, established in early 1979 with the aim at offering consultancy services for research studies, survey and development planning, feasibility studies, detailed design, implementation, monitoring, benefit monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of projects in the country and abroad. Accordingly, since inception, EPC has been providing services with the latest innovative method, technique and practices in the various sectors of national economy covering water resources, flood control, agriculture, irrigation, drainage, forestry, fisheries, urban and rural development, physical planning, architecture and infrastructure, water supply and sanitation, solid waste management, roads and highways, environment, etc. The overall aim is to assist every client  in  finding  good  quality,  sustainable  and durable solutions within an acceptable time scale and budget, whilst taking into account the interests of the environment and the society where we live.